Sustainability is a top priority for us at VTMNPacks, and we try and do our part to limit our impact on the environment, without compromising the safety and efficacy of the vitamins and supplements we are supplying. We are constantly looking at ways that we can help maintain not only the health of our customers, but that of our community as well and are excited to introduce our reduce, reuse and recycle program!


Help reduce your carbon footprint by combining multiple months at once into one shipment! If you are on a steady routine and don’t anticipate making any changes to your order, we can ship out up to 4 months of your packs at once.  If your order is less than $75 and you are paying for shipping, this is a great way to save money and offset some of your shipping costs. 


Our cardboard dispensers are recyclable and are made from a board that is FSC approved and designated as being made from a managed forest. They are also strong and built to last, often for upwards of 6 months! Opt into this program and we will send out just your packs that you can refill into your current dispenser. When you are ready for a new one, just let us know and recycle your old one!


Our packs are made from a composite material that may not be fully recycled in every municipality. We’ve partnered with TerraCycle to ensure that now all our packs can be properly recycled regardless of where you live. Opt into this program and we will include a return envelope within your order for you to collect and send back your empty packs to us. We will then send them, in bulk, to our partner to be recycled. We are also excited to announce that we are working very hard on introducing a pack that is made of bio sourced plastics that will break down in 80 days either in the compost or trash! Stay tuned for more details. 

As always, our shipping box, dosing card and brochure are made from a mix of recycled materials sourced from sustainable forest. Keep them as long as you need, then recycle them! We are so proud that all of our packaging comes from local Canadian vendors to help minimize our carbon footprint and to help support our local businesses.