We know you want to do good – for yourself and the world around you. According to Ipsos polling, 70% of world citizens want to do their best to create a more sustainable future. This means customers (including our VTMN fam) want to make smart consumer choices that have a positive impact on the Earth. We hear you and we want to be part of this change together.

Why Sustainability Matters

Have you heard of the “say-do gap” when it comes to sustainability? People want to build sustainable choices into their lives, and they worry about the future of our planet. Still, many struggle with making those changes actually happen. 

According to a recent Ipsos Views report, there is a big gap between people who want to do more for the environment and those who do it. Around 40-50% of those polled agreed that it was important to buy products with limited packaging, produced locally and made in safe, ethical conditions. When it comes to taking action, way fewer of us actually make sustainable consumer choices on a monthly basis. 

At VTMN packs, we want to help you stack those healthy habits along with sustainable choices that you can feel good about (inside and out there in the world). Our goal is to find ways to limit our impact on the environment while still delivering top safety standards, vitamin and supplement efficacy, and an incredible customer experience. What’s more – all of our packaging comes from local Canadian vendors to help minimize our carbon footprint and support our local businesses. 

Top 3 Ways You Can Make a Sustainable Impact With VTMN Packs

We’re always on the hunt for new ideas, so please reach out if you have any!

Reduce Your Shipments

Let’s start by simplifying your shipments. You can help reduce your carbon footprint by combining multiple months of your VTMNs into one shipment. This works well if you’re on a steady VTMN routine and aren’t planning to make changes to your order. 

Ask us to reduce your shipments and we can send up to 4 months of your packs at once. This is also a great way to save money if your order is less than $75 a month and you’re currently paying for shipping.

Reuse Your Dispenser Box

We have double the great news on this one!

First, our cardboard dispensers are fully recyclable and made from Forest Stewardship Council-approved cardboard. We are so proud to offer sustainably produced packaging (gotta love and sustain our forests!).

Second, our dispensers are strong and built to last, often for up to 6 months! If you’d like to reuse your dispensers, let us know. We’ll send out your packs without a box, and you can refill them right into your current dispenser. When you are ready for a new one, send us a note and you can recycle your old one. 

Recycle Your Packs

Here’s the story on our easy-to-use sachets. They’re made from a composite material that may not be fully recycled in every municipality. So we’ve found a universal solution: we’ve partnered with TerraCycle to ensure all our packs can be properly recycled regardless of where you live. 

When you opt into our recycle program, your package will include a return envelope for you to collect and send your empty packs to us. From there, we’ll send them in bulk to our partner for recycling. 

Big Sustainability News Coming

We’re so excited about this one. We’re working very hard to introduce a fully-compostable pack! It will be made of bio-sourced plastics that will break down in 80 days either in the compost or trash! Stay tuned for more details. 

Join the VTMN Packs Sustainability Program

As always, our shipping box, dosing card, and brochure are made from a mix of recycled materials sourced from sustainable forests. Keep them as long as you need, then recycle them (or reuse them as fun arts and crafts projects for your littles)! 

At VTMN Packs, self-care and sustainability make a very excellent pair. Try 1 or all 3 of our easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Send us a note and we’ll get you set up right away.